Sibelius 101

This one-day clinic is designed to set you up for success in Sibelius. When you
complete this course, you will have a strong foundation for working in the
software. This clinic will give you a proper, correct, and proven start.  Since
Sibelius is foundationally a shortcut-based software program, the focus of this
clinic will be on getting you started as quickly as possible, without using the
mouse for every operation.  You will spend time with important software
preferences that you can set at home to help you work more efficiently. 
You will explore the interface – the main score window, ribbon, tabs, buttons
and tools – and you will figure out the best ways for you to navigate around the
interface quickly. We will explore the basics of Sibelius playback, making
selections, and zooming.  You will experience creating a new score, adding time
signatures, key signatures, and new instruments to the score, and adding and
deleting bars. We will walk through the various ways of entering notes, with
emphasis on shortcut key note entry.  We will point out the problems that can
arise during note entry, and the steps you can take to avoid them. Next, you will
work with basic editing techniques for moving, changing, and deleting notes. 
In the second half of the clinic you will add basic lines, markings, symbols, and
text to your score.  We will cover the basics of copy/paste/repeat and entering
simple tuplets.  At the end of this training clinic, you will have the foundational
skills to create your own basic scores in Sibelius, including simple notation and
text. Most importantly, the themes and skills that you are exposed to in this
course will set you up for success as you move forward and begin to use the
more advanced features within the program.  Even if you are a seasoned Sibelius
user, you are bound to discover new, exciting, foundational building blocks within
this clinic!

This class is the first of two classes leading to Sibelius User Certification.
At the end of this class, students will have the opportunity to take the official
Avid Sibelius 101 exam. This class is a pre-requisite for Sibelius 110.

Cost: $250.00


Time: 8-9 Hours (Be prepared for a long day!)


Sibelius 110

The Sibelius 110 course begins with a comprehensive review of Sibelius 101. During the review, you will explore additional/new ways to enter notes and objects, including working with the interactive Keyboard and Fretboard panels, working with guitar tablature, using Sibelius' real -time/flexi-time note entry mode, and re-inputting pitches with existing rhythms. This course covers the transposition of notes and key signatures, and introduces you to multiple voices. In this course you will explore all of Sibelius' keypad layouts in depth, including using repeat bar symbols, arpeggios, tremolos, grace notes, and custom beaming. This course will expand your knowledge of entering slurs and other lines, as well as tuplets. You will spend additional time with important text styles such as lyrics, chord symbols, and the often overlooked but very important "repeat" text style. At the end of the first day, you will have the knowledge to create intermediate-level scores and advanced lead sheets, and you will have the foundational skills for moving forward into the more advanced features of the program. In the second day of this course, you will get to know some of Sibelius' popular features, such as the Ideas Window, the Worksheet Creator, and Title Pages. You will dive deeper into the program, spending time editing and defining Sibelius' Instruments, which includes an advanced lesson on drum notation, filters, and advanced work with multiple voices. This course will also cover basic formatting in preparation for printing and exporting, as well as the many exporting options, including exporting your scores in Scorch format to share on the web. This is a great course to take to round out and complete your notation skills in Sibelius. At the conclusion of this two-day course, students will have the opportunity to take the Avid Sibelius 110/User Certification exam.

Pre-Requisite (Required): Sibelius 101

Cost: $450.00

Time: 2 Day (7-8 Hours/Day)

Official Sibelius Operator and Expert-Level Courses
Are Coming Soon!

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