Lance Kuyper

Thank you, Jenny Amaya & Commercial Music Lab!  I took the series of workshops on Sibelius and learned more than I thought possible. My confidence using the program far exceeded my expectations going into the classes. Jenny's knowledge, insight and presentation style made learning the material fun and easy. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to learn music software like Sibelius or Pro Tools.

-- Lancy Kuyper, Guitarist, Composer, Educator

"Jenny, thanks for the great Sibelius classes! You have acquired a depth of understanding about its capabilities as a source box of creative tools. I had no idea of that potential when I took my first class with you. Watching you navigate and troubleshoot and roam all around the application has been fascinating. You are an articulate, upbeat and very patient teacher. My classes with you have opened the door to many creative possibilities I might never have imagined. The art of Sibelius is not only about making the notated pages look beautiful. Just as technical mastery of an instrument enables a player to explore a deeper palette of expression, mastery of Sibelius frees a composer/musician to create imaginatively in the moment, then to capture those musical ideas and communicate them instantly and elegantly with anyone - anywhere in the world. You bring the digital and musical art of Sibelius to life in your classes. Brava!"

-- Madeleine Brandli, Musician/Harpist

Treble Under the Stairs
"Professor Jenny is amazing!! She really helped me to realize that I can be empowered as a female in the audio production industry. I realized that with hard work and determination I can master these skills and be successful! I have learned so much from Professor Jenny and I am eager to learn more in future classes!"
-- Melissa Feild , Treble Under the Stairs
Robert Bozonelos

"The Commercial Music Lab is a great place for students and professionals alike. With a warm and caring atmosphere, Jenny creates a learning environment that's fun and educational. Having taken Jenny's Sibelius course, I highly recommend anyone interested in growing his or her music skills to enroll today!"

--Robert Bozonelos, MFA Associate Faculty of Music
Mt. San Jacinto College
Laura Perlman
The Commercial Music Lab is my go-to place for learning Sibelius software. Jenny is the best Sibelius instructor I have ever encountered. The Lab is a really comfortable place to learn.  It's a long drive for me, but it's worth it, and the coffee
is great!
-- Laura Perlman, Musician/Educator
John Heussanstamm
“I was at a standstill. I had a deadline and needed to get moving on a big project before time ran out. Jenny made it easy to understand how to take advantage of this marvelous software program. Silbelius is making my work on music scoring and editing so much fun I can't believe it. Someone told me that once I start to master the program I would save hours and hours of time. Thanks to Jenny and her excellent tutoring I'm beginning to see that happen.”
-- John Heussenstamm, guitarist and author of “Guitar Workout,” 
   a Hal Leonard publication

Zahra Pictures

"Talented and creative, Jenny works with dedication and enthusiasm while keeping a pleasant attitude. I look forward to working with her again."
--Ahmad Zahra, Producer 
Shelly-Michele Krawczyk

"I recommend Jen to anyone interested in becoming more proficient in the use of Sibelius. From beginner to advanced, her teaching style is on the money!"
--Shelly Krawczyk, Krawczyk Produktions
Jeffrey McConnell

"Dear Jenny,
Thank you for the GREAT class. I'm already putting all that knowledge you crammed into our heads into use!!"
-- Jeffrey McConnell, Assistant Director of Music Ministries,
San Carlos United Methodist Church